Last night, my 5 year old son says to me “Dad, something’s wrong with the TV.”  I’m thinking, my little man just doesn’t know how to use it.  All this technology is probably overwhelming for him.   An hour later, and apparently I’m also overwhelmed with the technology because I could not get rid of that annoying fireworks screensaver that repeatedly interrupted my son’s Rescue Bots show every few minutes!

So, like most people, I googled for a solution to my brand spanking new LG OLED65B6P, instead of reading the TV manual, because who has time for that right?!  REMINDER TO SELF – READ THE MANUAL!

“Disable screensaver…” I couldn’t find an option for this.

“Disable energy mode…”

“Disable power mode…”

“Update firmware…”  I updated to the latest available (version 05.30.03).

Did any of that work? NO.

And then, EUREKA!  It occurred to me that I have not been allowing my TV to do its “clear noise” dance when prompted.  So I went to SETTINGS > PICTURE > OLED PANEL SETTINGS > CLEAR PICTURE NOISE > START NOW.  Your TV will turn off and turn back on when it’s done. If you turn your TV on before it’s complete, you’ll have to start over.   PROBLEM SOLVED!





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